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php5-zce-logo-new Mahabubul Hasan Uzzal

Try some of the exciting apps developed by me:

GUI Interface for Clousre Compiler

Closure Compiler is an excellent tool for compressing JavaScript developed by google, i built this GUI interface to use it from pc. Find more here.

CSS Minimizer

For web-developer a great tool for minimizing and reducing the size of CSS. Read more here

Dictionary & Translator

English to Bangla, Bangla to English dictionary and translator. Lots of people are using it already, If you haven't already heard of it try here: http://eng2ban.appspot.com or on your Google Talk add eng2ban@appspot.com. You can read details about it here.

Bangla Pad

If you already have Java installed then Download banglaPad from here. For windows platform you can either use the .exe or .jar version, for other platform (linux or Mac) use .jar version.
Write bangla on any platform with easy phonetic based key layout. Read more here

Thank You

Mahabubul Hasan Uzzal